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Martinique call "Madinina - the Island of Flowers""

Flowers in Martinique Martinique is both a French department and an overseas region.

Located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique Is part of the Lesser Antilles group. To the east, its coasts are bathed in the Atlantic Ocean and to the west in the Caribbean sea.It is about 7,000 km from France, 3,150 km from New York and 440 km from the edge of South America. Its closest neighbours are Dominica, which is 25 km to the north, Guadeloupe, 120 km also to the north and Saint Lucia, which is 37 km to the south.Rent a car in Martinique - Martinique's towns

The island covers 1,100 square kilometres, measuring 80 km long and 39 km at its widest point.

Travelling through the island by rental car is a real delight.
You are never more than 12 km from the sea at any point!
The population is around 400,000 inhabitants, including 100,000 in Fort de France, the capital of the Department, which is 12 km from north to south and 5 km east to west.

Hire a car in Martinique - North Martinique The North, is typically mountainous and wild and the highest peak is Mount Pelee (1,397 m).

The vegetation in this part of the island is luxuriant as the climate is more humid here. You will be left with wonderful memories of its steep cliffs, wild coasts and volcanic beaches.
Don't forget to hire a car so that you can discover all the beauty of the north of the island.

Hire a car in Martinique - take your family to the beach The South , has a drier climate and there you will find the majority of the tourist facilities: fantastic beaches, the tranquillity of a south-Caribbean coastline complete with beautiful marine fauna, in waters that are warmer than 25°C... or check out the more rugged Atlantic coast: kite-surfing, windsurfing and surfing is very popular here.
Don't forget to hire a car in order to visit all the different beaches.

The average annual temperature is 26° C. There are two distinct seasons according to rainfall :

  • the wet season is from May to November, and the temperature can be around 30°, the air is muggy and there is more rainfall,
  • and the dry season is from late December to April. The hottest months are March, April and May, while the coolest months are December and January.

Throughout the year, the sun rises between 5 am and 6 am and sets between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm

Martinique has 50 islets scattered around the island; these are the main ones:

  • The Diamond Rock (the Diamond): is a historic site, accessible by boat but you may not land there. Diving site
  • Ilet Oscar (Le François): turquoise water, sandy white sea beds; the sort of day you dream about.
  • Ilet Madame (Le Robert): with its beaches, sandy white sea beds and picnic areas, this is truly a visit made in heaven...
  • Ilet La Perle (The Preacher): accessible by boat, but you cannot land there; dive site.
  • Ilet Chevalier (Sainte-Anne): to the south-west of the island, easily accessible by ferry and ideal for a day of relaxation.
  • Ilet Chancel Le Robert): you'll need a boat or kayak to get there; look out for the iguanas (1m50 to 2m long), but vegetarian...
  • Ilet Loup Garou (Le Robert): 2 coconut trees surrounded by white sandy beach, make sure you get permission in advance to land your boat there.

The best way to get to these islands is to rent a car to travel to the coast, then hire a boat to reach the islands; (there are many excursions).

Hire a car in Martinique - Martinique beach Martinique has over 40 beaches ; you will probably need several visit to the island to discover them all. Here is a list of the best known:

  • l'Anse des Salines, a must visit.
  • Les Anses d'Arlets, magnificent with its pontoon, superb church, and very pretty village; not to be missed.
  • Anse Noire et Anse Dufour, for its marine life...
  • Anse Couleuvre, the beach in the north of the island, wild and surrounded by lush vegetation.
  • Cap chevalier : white sand and a beach protected by a coral reef, a very pretty beach.
  • Grand Macabou : golden sand, wild beach, beautiful waves...
  • Anse Mabouyas : tranquil, very sunny beach with few visitors...

Take special care when planning to visit certain of the beaches, by car. Some access roads are unsuitable for the vehicles available for tourists to hire : Drive carefully; there are many bumps and holes in the roads.

Hire a car in Martinique - Diving in Martinique there are many different types of underwater fauna: surgeon fish, parrot fish, captain, barracuda, butterfly, sardines; so many different fish with surprising, evocative names that live alongside better known species and will delight both young and old, leaving you with everlasting memories of the creatures you have seen: turtles, dolphins...

Rent a car in Martinique - Nature and hummingbirds The wildlife on land is just as varied as that underwater: here you will find the hummingbird, national emblem of Martinique; cattle-egrets, mongooses, iguanas, the anole, or 'mabouya', a timid little tree lizard. There are also animals with names that are rather more frightening such as: tarantulas, the venomous 'pit viper', the trigonocephalic; you will surely have heard about these already. Whether on land or underwater, Martinique is home to rich and varied fauna.

There are many marked trails for hiking or mountain biking on the island. . Feel free to ask about these in any of the tourist offices around Martinique. You can always drive to the starting point in your hired car.

Martinique: island for gastronomes

spiny lobster
  • Try the locally distilled rum , available in various drinks such as ti-punch and planters; but do drink in moderation, especially if you have chosen a hire car to get around the island...
  • Local delicacies : accras, creole pudding, chicken colombo, smoked chicken, stuffed crabs, conch strew, lobsters; so many dishes to try, not forgetting all the fruits and vegetables, more than: 75 varieties including pumpkin, sweet potato, guava, starfruit and breadfruit; use your hire car to drive to one of the many restaurants or snack bars; they will certainly tempt you with a wide variety of local dishes.

Martinique is also a land steeped in history :

"Discovered" by Christopher Columbus in 1502, the island was inhabited sporadically by different Americo/Indian tribes until they were wiped out by western conquerors following the occupation by the French In 1635. A large workforce was required to manage the cultivation of sugar cane and therefore slaves were imported into the island from the 1670s; slavery was abolished on May 22, 1848. Throughout its history, Martinique has been scarred by various imperial struggles between European colonial empires, in particular against the English, the development of agriculture, natural disasters (including the eruption of Mount Pelée on 8 May 1902, which destroyed the city of Saint Pierre, 'Little Paris of the West Indies' with 30,000 killed.

Today, the island produces bananas (using 17% of the total area of ??the island, about 190 square kilometres and producing 0.35% of the world's production), sugar cane, and rum are the main resources of the island. There is of course tourism, which directly and indirectly represents almost 10% of Martinique's GDP.
Our rental cars will happily ferry you around you as you visit museums, botanical garden and the sugar plantations of old, as well as the other places of historical interest all over Island of Flowers...

Louer une voiture en Martinique - Une plage avec parasol Martinique is the quintessential tourist destination. See everything the island has to offer by car; a hire car makes every journey a real delight!
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