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Category S 125

S 125

Car : Scooter 125 cc

Scooter 125 cc, top case (( Honda 125 PCX ou Yamaha NMAX 125 ) 

 1 helmet

2nd helmet : +15 ¤

Airport delivery +30 ¤

1 week minimum rental 
  The conditions for driving a 125 cc    To drive a 125, you must: Hold a motorcycle license (A1, A2, AL or A license) or Hold a car license (B license) for at least two years and have completed a seven-hour motorcycle training course. At the end of the training, the motorcycle school will give you a certificate that you must keep on you to present it during a possible control.  Attention: if you obtained the license B from March 1st, 1980 and that the box A1 or AL is stamped on your license (A1 or AL obtained by equivalence), you must follow the training 7 hours or pass the motorcycle license.    Equivalence is no longer valid. In which cases is a license holder B not required to complete the seven hour training?    You are not required to take this training:   - if you have been insured for at least one day driving a 125 or a L5e (tricycle) vehicle between 1 January 2006 and 31 December 2010.   If you are in this situation, request a statement of information from your insurer stating that you have been insured for a 125 during this period. Keep this statement on you in order to be able to present it during a possible check;   - if you obtained license B before March 1, 1980. 
 Extract of the Lokizy General Conditions of Leasing / Insurance: It is required a minimum age of 18 years for Scooters 50 cm3 A minimum age of 20 years is required for 125 cm3 It is required 2 years of motorcycle driving license - Drivers have not had a withdrawal, suspension or cancellation of a driving license for alcohol in the last 3 years

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