Car hire Terms and Conditions

The driver must have his/her driving licence at the time of hiring the car and be over 21 years old to rent a car in any category. Driving licence: Drivers must have held a valid driving licence for at least one year. Drivers under the age of 23 will be charged a supplement. Only the driver whose name appears on the rental agreement will be permitted to drive the car. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will immediately invalidate the insurance agreement. Your insurance will also be invalidated should you provide the car hire company false or inaccurate information concerning your identity or your driving licence.

Payment must be made at the rental desk : Payment to cover the estimated cost of the rental will be required on collection of the vehicle. You may pay by credit/debit card, cash, or traveller's cheques. Bank cheques are not accepted.

A security deposit equal to the non-waivable excess charge will be required. This security deposit may only be made by a credit card, in the name of the hirer.
Non-waivable excess charges : TTC/Catégorie
Cat A 600 ¤ Cat B1/B2 700 ¤ Cat C 750 ¤ Cat D 800 ¤ Cat E 1000 ¤ Cat F 3000 ¤

Are included in the car hire charge :

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Third party public liability and accident insurance cover.
  • Damage and theft insurance for the vehicle with a minimum non-waivable excess charge.
  • Road side assistance and passenger onward transportation.
  • VAT at the current rate

Not included in the rates :

  • The non-waivable excess charge in the event of accident or theft (unless the insurance excess waiver has been taken) (please note: if the keys of the vehicle are not returned, following the theft of the vehicle, the hirer will be invoiced for the full market value of the vehicle).
  • Theft of personal belongings (clothing, cameras, bags, mobile phones, etc...) left inside the vehicle;
  • Fuel, wear and tear on tyres and rims. Damage to the lower parts of the vehicle (below the bumper ), damage under the vehicle. Theft of accessories (radio antenna, wheel covers, wipers, mirrors...).
  • Wear and tear on the tyres and rims. Damage to the lower parts of the vehicle (below the bumper), damage under the vehicle.
  • Loss of keys, towing costs except in the case of a mechanical breakdown or accident.
  • Towing costs except in the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident.
  • Broken windows (unless the excess waiver has been taken), burns and damage to the interior of the vehicle.

A list of costs is clearly displayed at our offices. In the event of disagreement, the costs of the damage will be determined by an expert. In this case, the costs of the expert adjudication will also be paid by the hirer.

Lokizy offers you cover against accident, theft and windscreen damage with a complementary insurance excess waiver option, (minimum period is 1 week): please note: damage to the lower parts of the vehicle (side panels) and damage to the underneath of the vehicle are excluded from the policy.
Amount per day including tax / category :
Cat A 10 ¤ Cat B1/B2 10 ¤ Cat C 12 ¤ Cat D 12 ¤ Cat E 15 ¤ Cat.F : Without excess waiver purchase

Young driver supplement : For drivers or second and subsequent drivers aged under 23, an additional flat rate fee of 5 € / day is charged.

You may purchase an optional Clean on Return package : You can purchase a 'Clean on Return' package for the vehicle interior and exterior (this excludes: indelible stains on seats or bodywork, snags on seats, trim, dashboard,...) at €30

Maintenance / Mechanical problems You should take care of the vehicle according to the mileage driven, and regularly check the car for engine oil level, water level, tyre pressures, etc.), during the rental period. In addition, the driver should pay particular attention to the dashboard warning lights. If so alerted, the driver must take all necessary corrective measures, which may include stopping the car immediately. The car is equipped with a set of tyres which are of the correct type and performance necessary for the road conditions you will experience. If you notice a tyre is wearing unevenly or more quickly than expected, according to the mileage you have driven, you must replace it immediately, and at your cost, with another tyre of the same size, type and make and with the same wear. In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, your vehicle rental package includes a breakdown and accident recovery service.

Accident or theft You are responsible for the vehicle during the car hire period.
In the event of an accident, whether it includes a third party or not, you must complete an insurance accident report and return it to your agency within 24 hours of the accident. If the car is stolen or damaged, you must make a declaration to the law enforcement agencies, (police or gendamerie). Failure to do so will result in the client being personally liable for all costs relating to any such incidents . In the event of a loss or accident there will be a handling fee of €30 on return of the vehicle, whether a third party was involved or not, which is also payable by clients who have purchased an excess waiver.

An administration charge of 15 euros will be made for the processing of fines incurred by the hirer during the car hire period. The vehicle must be returned clean with a full tank of fuel, (unless the client has taken the Clean on Return package). If not, we will charge you for refilling the tank and to have the vehicle cleaned. Any vehicle not returned at the scheduled time remains the sole and exclusive responsibility of the hirer, who will be liable to fees in addition to all the car hire charges. corresponding to losses due to the non-return of the car (e.g. the inability to complete contracts with other clients) and the driver may be liable to legal proceedings.
Cancellation over 15 days prior to collection of the vehicle: 100% refund minus a handling fee of €30. Cancellation less than 15 days prior to the collection of the vehicle: no refund. No refund will be given by Lokizy should the hire period not be fully used.
In the event of a dispute regarding the execution of this contract, we always prefer to reach an amicable agreement; in the event that no agreement can be reached, jurisdiction will be subject to the ruling by the courts at Fort de France.
Our company is a member of the Loueurs du Conseil National des Professions de l'automobile (CNPA) and we may share your personal data relating to this rental agreement. This data sharing allows other member companies to legitimately refuse future rentals. If this happens, you will be notified and you will have the right to object to the registration, access, modification and / or deletion of your personal data (CNIL ruling n° 2006-235 of November 9, 2006) with the CNPA Business Centre, 50 Rue Rouget de Lisle - 92158 Suresnes Cedex .